Savannah & Triston’s Ella Beach Wedding

Ella Beach Wedding ~ a Sunny Day on a Special Sooke Property

Savannah and Triston’s Ella Beach wedding was held in a very sacred place. Triston’s grandparents own property up on the cliffside above the beautiful Sooke beach, and have owned it for many years. Triston and Savannah would visit his grandparents regularly, and spent many nights in the small cabin overlooking the ocean. Walking the beach, enjoying the sunrise and sunset, and kayaking are activities that fill their relationship with nourishing nature.

A staircase was built from the property to access the beach, with a viewing platform along the way. This was no easy build! This staircase would act as the aisle guests would walk to their seats to, and for the bride to walk to her awaiting groom. Savannah had been in a wheelchair for most of her life, up until recently when she had surgery. Walking is a miracle for her, and to walk up and down those staircases is incredibly symbolic of her determination and strength. These two met prior to her surgery, and have been through trying times together. As I had the pleasure to get to know these two being their wedding photographer, I felt honored to be the one to capture a special little chapter in their amazing story.

When chatting about their wedding day vision and dream, they described all of their guests as family. Family that had been made over the course of their years in various jobs, education, and volunteer experiences. I loved witnessing Triston chat with an old friend of his; they were talking about the great advancement in technology. It was a sharp crowd that day, and a loving one too. The sun shone brilliantly, the sea and the skies were rich. They danced in the grassy field overlooking the beach where they continue to grow memories. ♥ Congratulations you two.

Wedding Vendors;

Drone Videography: VIPaerials

Wedding Officiant: Chris-Ann Lake