Scenic Nanoose Bay Family Photos

Oak Leaf Drive Nanoose

Vacationing on Vancouver Island and Enjoying the Views with a Nanoose Bay Family Photoshoot

Tanya, James, their two kids, and two dogs were on their annual summer visit to Parksville and decided to have family photos taken. They asked me for suggestions on a beach with forest setting that they hadn’t yet seen during their travels. This Nanoose Bay beach has become one of my favorite places to take clients, and it never disappoints! The family was happy to take up my suggestion of Es-hw Sme~nts Community Park, or as the locals refer to it, Oak Leaf Community Park.

Nanoose Bay Family Photos at Oak Leaf Community Park

This 3-acre Nanoose park was established in 2015 and has become a popular diving destination, swimming nook, and community nature space. The Oak and Maple trees in the forest give a diversity to this park, as well as the numerous beach spots. In the summer, the tall grass yellows and becomes a beautiful field overlooking the ocean. Oak Leaf is a launch point for kayakers, canoers, and paddleboarders for heading off to the nearby Gerald Island and more. Often during my photoshoots here, clients will think they see a whale but usually it’s a diver or seal! This is a dog-friendly park, and you will likely make friends while spending time here. If you are looking to take Nanoose Bay family photos, I would suggest considering Oak Leaf.

Es-hw Sme~nts Community Park:

Scenic Nanoose Bay Family Photos

“You were wonderful. We have had family pictures done about 6 or 7 times and this was by FAR the best experience we have ever had. All 4 of us were really comfortable and relaxed, so thank you.”

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