Spontaneous Latnzville Airbnb Wedding

Parksville Wedding Photographer

Erica and Alistair Eloped in their Lantzville Airbnb!

Erica and Alistair were visiting Vancouver Island on a work/pleasure trip for their weightlifting business in September, and they decided to spontaneously elope! Their Airbnb in Lantzville was gorgeous, overlooking Nanoose Bay with incredible views. A perfect setting for a Lantzville Airbnb wedding! With just 2 days notice, Erica reached out to local wedding vendors to see if they were available. Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies was available for performing their ceremony, and I was free for photography. The dream team!! I absolutely adore working with Jane and it’s a joy every time!

When I arrived at their Lantville Airbnb, Erica and Alistair were sitting at the table with Jane discussing the ceremony details. This had to be the most last minute planned ceremony ever! I knew Jane could pull it off with her caring and grounding energy, and she did. Jane’s partner came along to be one of the two signing witnesses that day, who also gifted them with a few acoustic guitar songs. In the evening as the sun was settling into golden hour, Erica and Alistair were married on the patio. With a handfasting ceremony to tie the knot, these two became officially married. It was an exciting time for these two, who continue to accomplish their dreams. I loved learning about where they met; at a powerlifting event where they became each others spotters and then some. ;) They became life partners and soon after that, business partners when opening a gym in Ontario. Their next dream is to move to Vancouver Island and continue their powerlifting passions.

Congratulations you two! Wishing you the best success in all that you do!

Wedding Officiant: Jane Good of Circle Ceremonies 

Lantzville Airbnb Wedding Location: A Suite Getaway