Stranded Hiker is Actually Her Boyfriend, Proposing!

Vancouver Island Helicopter Engagement

An Epic West Coast Helicopters Engagement Flight

James Surprises His Girlfriend with an Elaborate Vancouver Island Helicopter Proposal

James schemed up an elaborate plan to propose to his girlfriend, Alexis. For weeks, he had been holding a secret surprise… one that included a helicopter, a snowy Vancouver Island mountaintop, and an engagement ring.

The morning of April 22nd, 2022, seemed like an ordinary day at work for Alexis. While she was in a “business meeting”, her coworker received a call. An incident had occurred in Woss which required her immediate attention. An “official” (phony) Purchase Order was made to contract West Coast Helicopters to fly her from Nanaimo to Woss, immediately. Alexis had never flown in a helicopter before, and was feeling excited but also concerned for the unknown event that had happened in Woss.

Meanwhile, James and I had arrived at the West Coast Helicopters hangar earlier that morning and were dropped off on nearby Mount Moriarty. James set up a table with champagne, charcuterie board, and a few decorations. Alexis called James telling him about what was happening, and he played it cool on the phone as if he wasn’t the one behind EVERYTHING! 

When the helicopter was nearby with Alexis inside, James shined a flashlight and signaled with his arms that we needed help. James had even set up his red tent to seem legit! Pilot Andy said to Alexis, “Hey look, there seems to be some hikers signaling for help. We’ll just check and make sure they’re alright.” When the chopper got close enough, Alexis recognized her man’s face and then the emotional realization of what was happening kicked in. She was shocked, in the very best way ♡

She said YES!!! 💍 Congratulations you two, and HUGE props to Andy, the pilot at West Coast Helicopters for helping plan this elaborate surprise proposal. It was flawless. 

West Coast Helicopters:

Charcuterie Board: The Nobel Grazer

Epic Vancouver Island Helicopter Proposal Video
Vancouver Island Helicopter Engagement

“Deanna recently captured our mountain top engagement and was the perfect photographer for this moment. Her photos were beautiful but most importantly, captured the whole story and every emotion. We were able to be present in the moment and be 100% natural while having photos taken that will preserve the memory forever.

Highly recommend Devee Photography!”

Alexis and james