Surprise Family Reunion Birthday Gift ~ Family Photography, Milner Gardens, Vancouver Island

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Family Photos at Milner Gardens, Capturing a Surprise Family Reunion Birthday Gift ~ Qualicum Beach, BC

Great Grandma is having a birthday! Her daughter was going to take her out for brunch at the lovely Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach to celebrate, bringing along the grandchildren too. What Great Grandma didn’t know, was that family from Vancouver and Alberta had traveled to Vancouver Island to be there for her birthday to surprise her with a family reunion! The family hired me to capture the surprise and take family photographs afterwards. It was amazing to witness how happy she was- the best gifts in the world are not material. Family and friends, wholehearted connections, are everything. This family lives in the moment, and I was honored to capture that memory for them at the gorgeous Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach.