Parksville Art Warz | Oceanside Paint Party Event

Art Warz, Parksville, BC ~ Oceanside Paint Party Event ~ Vancouver Island

Art Warz Event, Parksville, BC ~ An Oceanside Paint Party Event Jenny Hughes of Oceanside Paint Party put on an Art Warz painting competition event at the Parksville Community Center on Friday, March 6th, 2020. This was a three hour event where five selected artists created a West Coast Landscape themed painting within a certain time frame. Guests could wander around the room watching the artists color their canvas and […]

Mount Arrowsmith Brewery Networking Event | Young Professionals of Oceanside

Young Professionals of Oceanside Networking Event at the Mount Arrowsmith Brew Company

Networking with the Young Professionals of Oceanside at the Mount Arrowsmith Brew Company The Young Professionals of Oceanside held a networking event at the Mount Arrowsmith Brew Company in September with the focus of promoting the group and gaining more members. The group is known as the YPO and is comprised of 140 members from the Oceanside region, there is a diverse mixture of professionals within the group that help […]