The Wedding Album

Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer

Touch It, Feel It, Love It

Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer

It’s great to share all of your wedding photos on social media with your whole world, it’s quick, it’s instant, and everybody can comment and ♥love♥ them. But when you want to take a focused moment and reflect on your wedding day, I’d suggest sitting on a comfy couch beside a big open window and flipping through a photobook.

Touching the pages, feeling the thick substrate between your fingers and loving the rich colors right before your eyes- totally screen free. Touch it, Feel it, Love it. Photobooks are where it’s at for reflection. You’ll have this book on your coffee table when guests are over, and you’ll store it in a special spot on your bookshelf for quick access. Your grandma will LOVE it, your dad will LOVE it, and so will the future generations. Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer

Parksville Wedding Elopement PhotographerParksville Wedding Elopement Photographer

The Details

There are cute little 6″ x 6″ sizes, 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 10″, and my favorite 12″ x 12″. The hardcover front and back showcase one large image, and you can fit approximately sixty additional pictures within the book over twenty pages- some spanning the entire page to emphasize key moments, and others arranged in a collage to reveal a story. You can add more pages if you’d like to include more images- these books are built strong and can double in size. The pages are thick, not flimsy, and lay flat so you can view an image without the bendy shine you see in magazines. The images themselves seem to seep into the pages in rich, high-density colors via professional lab printing, and do not glare when in the sun. It’s soooo much more beautiful than looking a computer screen!

How It Works

Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer

Once I deliver your final wedding gallery, you have one year to submit the 60 images to me. Yes, one whole year! The sooner you submit, the sooner you get your photobook ;) I take the images and arrange them in the editing software of the photo album company I work with. Once they are arranged, I send you a preview for approval. You can tell me what images you’d like swapped out, or rearranged. If you’d like to add some text into the album such as your vows, I can totally do that too. When you say, “YES!” I press, “ORDER” and you’ll have your photobook within three weeks. Voila- easy cheesy.

These make fantastic gifts. Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas just go crazy for this! Re-ordering a photobook is super simple. Thanks to the giant internet robots, my previous orders are saved on the website for a couple of years and reordering is a simple click away. Phewf!

If you’d like to see a sample album, I do have one that I can let you touch and sink your eyes into. I bring it to all of my wedding consults, and can meet with you specially just to convince you that you’ll love it.

Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer Parksville Wedding Elopement Photographer