Tipping. Is it customary to tip your wedding photographer? | Parksville & Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

Is it customary to tip your wedding photographer?

Tipping is a very kind gesture to show that you were satisfied with a service. It is customary in the food industry to tip your waitress because their wage often reflects and relies on additional tipping from guests. In the wedding photography industry, it is not customary to tip your wedding photographer with money. It’s not unheard of to do tip, but most photographers ensure they price their packages to make a decent profit. Monetary tips aren’t necessary, however there is a different kind of tip you can give your photographer that will go further than any dollars, and that is to give them a great review.

Give your wedding photographer a review in lieu of a monetary tip.

Wedding photographers get many of their clients from referrals, from previous brides and grooms who have worked with them before. When your best friend gets you on the phone and tells you about this great indie band she’s started following, or your coworker describes a successful way to cook eggplant that’s actually delicious, you will probably Youtube the band and buy an eggplant! It’s the same with wedding photography. When you can hear real words from real people who have used the photographer before, you are much more likely to trust them with your wedding. By taking a few minutes to reflect on your experience with your photographer and writing a review on their Facebook page and Google Listing, you aren’t only helping the photographer, you’re helping other couples.

Where do I write my review, and what should I say?

The two places that almost ALL wedding photographers will have open for reviews are their Google Listing and their Facebook Business Page. To get to their Google Listing, just type in their business name in Google Search, and you should find them on the scroll. You can drop up to 5 stars (5 stars being the best) and write as many words as you’d like on both Facebook and Google. Some things to talk about;

-Start with the reason you had photography taken. Was it a wedding? Family photoshoot? Talk about your story and why you wanted it captured. What attracted you to this photographers work?

-Do you love your images? Were they taken in a setting that has special meaning to you and your family/partner? Are there elements in the images that really depict and tell a part of your unique story? Do you connect with your images on a deep and personal level?

-Describe your overall experience with your photographer. Did your photographer make you feel totally comfortable, did you have fun? Was their work ethic strong, did they mingle well with guests at your wedding?

-Was communication strong between you and your wedding photographer?

-Did you receive the images within a realistic time frame?

-Would you recommend your wedding photographer to others? Why?

Your review will go a long, long way!

In conclusion, instead of giving your photographer money as a tip, taking time out of your day to write a review of your experience will go a long, long way! It doesn’t get deleted off of Facebook or Google Listing, and will be read by many others who are considering hiring that photographer too. Speaking word of mouth to your friends and fellow peers is also extremely strong. Referrals are like a strong handshake without actually meeting the other person yet. If you aren’t sure where to write a referral, please ask your photographer for links to their sites and they will definitely give them to you.

A review is more than it is.

I so appreciate when my previous clients write to tell me about their experience having me as their wedding photographer. It’s more than just a review to promote trust to other couples looking for a photographer, it also reassures me that I  have successfully accomplished my goal; to provide amazing customer service and to photograph a piece of your story in a way that you connect with on a deep and personal level. Please, please, please, take the the time to write a review about your wedding photographer and submit it on as many platforms as possible. It is absolutely the strongest way to thank your photographer for the work they’ve done, it will feel as if you’re giving them a great big hug :)