Tofino and Ucluelet Elopement Locations ~Camping Meares Island and Hiking Lone Cone Mountain~ | Tofino Elopement Photography

Tofino Elopement Photographer | Ucluelet Elopement Photographer | Black Rock Resort Elopement | Meares Island | Lone Cone Mountain Hiking

Tofino and Ucluelet Elopement Locations~ Camping Meares Island and Hiking Lone Cone Mountain

There are so many incredible Tofino and Ucluelet elopement locations, and I want to describe Meares Island. This place definitely makes the list for an incredible location for a Tofino elopement! It is accessible only by boat, giving it a truly remote and small island feel. The sandy beaches give amazing views to the other nearby islands, there is a hostel with full kitchen and bathroom, a hot tub, volleyball net, recreation house, and a lake! Oh, and my favorite part of this island is the beautiful hike up Lone Cone Mountain to an incredible vista overlooking Tofino and the edge of Vancouver Island. There are other trails on this island that reveal some amazing ancient growth Cedars that are well worth hiring a boat to access. There is a lot to do here, and you can make daily trips back to Tofino. Check out Lone Cone Hostel and Campground for rates and reservations here.

Tofino Elopement Photographer | Ucluelet Elopement Photographer | Black Rock Resort Elopement | Meares Island | Lone Cone Mountain Hiking

Meares Island, a Beautiful Tofino Elopement Location

Meares Island is a beautiful Tofino elopement location as there are sandy beaches with minimal visitors, an amazing mountain to summit, accommodation and a nearby lake with a canoe for use. This would be an ideal elopement for a couple travelling from abroad and wanting to get married in an affordable way. Staying at the hostel is definitely not expensive, however you would be sharing the vicinity with other guests. You could always marry on the beach here in private and boat back home, or simply camp here for a couple of nights as a honeymoon getaway. I think this is another great reason to elope in Tofino- because you can marry in a beautiful location and then stay for your honeymoon without travelling anywhere new. The food variety is delicious, the activities are plentiful, and you really can’t look in any direction without seeing some beautiful West Coast sight! 

Hiking Lone Cone Mountain

Lone Cone Mountain is the prominent cone-shaped mountain that can be seen from most places in Tofino, looking out towards the water. Located on Meares Island, the 3.3km trail gains 730 meters of elevation and is well worth the workout to reach the incredible view overlooking Tofino and the Pacific Ocean. The mountain itself is 742 meters high, so this is a really cool example of hiking from sea level to summit in one short go! The ancient growth trees along the base are very cool to see as well.