Underneath the Bridge Bathtub Boudoir~ Brenna’s Empowerment Boudoir Session

I had recently purchased a clawfoot bathtub to install in my home, but the photographer in me wanted to take pictures in it before it was put into place! I offered bathtub boudoir sessions out to my following, and booked a few gigs. My dear friend Brenna turned the big 3-0 this year, like all of us in my core friends group, and so I offered her a session to capture her in this important life milestone. I had been photographing bathtub boudoir in forest settings, but that tranquil, natural vibe just didn’t seem to suit my friend. I suggested we shoot underneath a highway bridge against the graffiti wall rather than a more natural setting. She was up for it! :D

Getting the bathtub down under the bridge was a fun little adventure on its own. I had parked early at the location, knowing it was also a hiking trail head and hoped to run into someone who could help me. I live my life just anticipating things will work out, and like most of the time, it did work out! There were a hiking couple just arriving back at their truck when I got there. I offered the man a trade; I had a cold Boysenberry Sour Beer from Arrowsmith Brew Company and needed this bathtub brought down underneath the bridge. They looked at me with a curious look but quickly said, “Sure” with a laugh. We hauled the tub down the steep trail, brought the three wine carboy jugs of hot water down, and set it up. Thanks man!

“This was my first ever photoshoot and it was such a great experience! Deanna really made me feel really comfortable and had really great direction! She was so engaging and helped me find confidence in myself in front of the camera!” -Brenna

Brenna put her music playlist on, we sipped on sour beers, and enjoyed the summer warmth while getting creative.