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Helicopter Elopement Nanaimo
Helicopter Elopement BC
Helicopter Elopement Nanaimo
Married! October 10th, 2021 (297)
Helicopter Elopement Nanaimo
Married! October 10th, 2021 (329)
Helicopter Elopement BC
Married! October 10th, 2021 (426)
Helicopter Elopement Nanaimo
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Vancouver Island Helicopter Elopement Packages

I have teamed up with West Coast Helicopters to offer a spectacular Vancouver Island helicopter elopement experiences for clients seeking an intimate, scenic and all-inclusive wedding package. Departing from the hangar in Nanaimo, West Coast Helicopters guides you through a safe and comfortable flight up to one of the local mountains. With 360-degree views of snowy peaks and Vancouver Island coastline, you may exchange vows as family watches via Zoom. (Yes, there is reception up there!) After the ceremony, you have the choice of enjoying your charcuturie board and bubbles at the mountaintop or along the next stop of the adventure; a private beach on the Broken Island Group, or a serene riverbed set among the mountains. These packages are custom to every couple and highlight both the unique bond shared with your partner as well as the rugged beauty of British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

What is included in the helicopter elopement package?

Officiant, photographer, charcuterie board, bubbly, and helicopter transportation are included.

Do you go to the beach and mountain?

Yes, the Peak-to-Beach all-inclusive helicopter elopement package brings you to the summit of a local mountain for your ceremony, and then over to the West Coast’s Broken Island Group for your charcuterie.

Can the weather change our wedding plans?

West Coast Helicopters provides a safe and enjoyable wedding experience during a weather window that allows you to see the view at the top of the mountain. Please prepare to move the ceremony time ahead by a couple of hours if the weather window shifts. If the scheduled wedding day turns out cloudy with no visibility whatsoever, we reschedule to your backup date(s) in effort to see the view at the mountaintop.

Do we need to have a backup wedding date in case the weather has no visibility?

Yes. We advise you to have at least 2 backup wedding dates in order to work with the weather. These can be back to back of course.

Will it be cold in the mountains?

At 1600 meters high, yes it will be colder than sea-level temperatures. During summer, it can reach below 10 degrees Celsius. In winter, it can be-21 with wind chill.

How should we prepare for the weather?

Check in with your West Coast Helicopter teammate to be updated on the latest mountain weather reports. It is advised to prepare for cold weather temperatures year-round. Bring a warm jacket and blanket, sunglasses, decent shoes, a steaming mug of coffee or tea, and hand warmers. It can still become cool in the summertime, so don’t leave your sweater behind just because the sun is shining. Bring an umbrella for shade, or integrate a nice hat into your wedding attire. The cab of the helicopter can be used to warm/dry/cool off in throughout the experience.

How many guests can we bring?

The helicopter can carry a total of 7 people. Subtract the pilot and photographer, you have a total of 5 seats. Andy can convert the front single seat into a love seat, so you and your partner can invite 3 guests total.

Do we need to hire an officiant?

No. The pilot Andy has gained his officiating license and can legally marry you.

Will there be food or beverages provided with the helicopter elopement package?

Yes, a customized charcuterie board from The Nobel Grazer will be provided, as well as a bottle of bubbly. A small table and chairs will be set up for your meal.

What mountains do we see?

Mount Moriarty, Mount Arrowsmith, Mount Cokely, and Green Mountain are the nearest peaks. Mount Cokely is the most popular summit to land on as the taller spires of Mount Arrowsmith make a stunning background to the ceremony location.

Vancouver Island Helicopter Elopement

Helicopter Elopement Tips and Insight

Reception at the top of Mount Cokely

Be Flexible: Having an openness for last-minute change is invaluable. The weather may alter your scheduled ceremony time by a few hours in order to catch the sunshine, or it may delay you by a day(s). Plan for 1 or more backup wedding dates, and ensure that any external commitments will not add stress to the timeline.

Dried Bouquet of Flowers: Helicopter elopements are weather-dependent and your original wedding date may be delayed, having a dried bouquet of flowers avoids any wilted blooms.

Cell Phone Coverage: There is sufficient reception coverage up the mountain to live stream the ceremony.

Motion Sickness: Flying in a helicopter may provoke motion sickness, please be prepared with Gravol.

Drone Video Footage Coverage: My partner (lover and business partner!), Yannick, is available to join your elopement adventure to capture the scene in drone-perspective video. With voice-recorded vows, a 5-10 minute video compilation can be added for an additional $500.

Music: Bring a portable speaker and music player to have your first dance ♥

West Coast Helicopters Map Board

Meet the Team

Helicopter Elopement Photographer
Deanna- Photographer
Deanna has lived on Vancouver Island since she was three, and admits there is only one passion that exceeds them all- back country camping. “I love the challenge of hiking to remote locations and appreciating natures purity, feeling powerful yet vulnerable.” Photographing couples experiencing their awe of nature while marrying their partner is simply beautiful. It’s truly the dream job, adding to this dream life.

Vancouver Island Helicopter Elopement Pilot Andy
Andy- Pilot
Andy is a third generation pilot who has been in the company of aircraft ever since he was a boy growing up on the South African air force base his Dad worked at. Today, Andy lives in Nanaimo with his children and wife and feels that he has the dream job. He loves the grounding affect of nature, and marvels every time he takes flight as he watches the busyness of life transition to the calmness of nature. Andy is a licensed officiant and is honored to help couples experience the magic of Vancouver Island in a personalized, unique experience.
Vancouver Island Helicopter Elopement Aerial Photographer
Yannick- Drone Videographer
Yannick moved to the Island from Quebec in 2014 in desire of a lifestyle connected to nature. He loves to grow his own food and enjoys exploring the wildness of Vancouver Island. In his drone work, you can see his affinity to nature and the environment. Adding his drone video service to your helicopter elopement will capture the setting from a birds eye perspective that will transcend you right back into the moment.

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Tamara and Morgan
We chose West Coast Helicopters as our elopement package for a couple of reasons, the 1st being because of Andy. What a guy!!! Andy is incredibly knowledgeable, has a ton of flying experience, and went over and above to make sure our day was incredibly special. His charismatic, charming personality made us feel like we had known him for years! You can tell he invested a lot of time and effort into making our day truly amazing. He answered all questions (I had a lot) quickly and thoroughly, was available by phone/text, met us over zoom, put first-time flyers at ease, and kept us up-to-date with the changing weather (which was changing by the minute).
Another reason we chose WCH was the elopement package itself. The all-inclusive option took a lot of the stress out of planning a wedding. The “Peak to Beach” package gives you both mountain and beach photos…..with stunning views, charcuterie, and champagne!!! Deanna & Yannick rounded out our crew and captured every moment in film and video.
Absolutely incredible. 10/10 experience. Still on cloud nine. Would do it all over again and not change a thing!”