Hello! A Little Introduction

Hi, I’m Deanna, girl behind the lens and owner of Devee Photography. I have lived on beautiful Vancouver Island my entire life and I am completely and passionately head over hiking boots in love with it. I’ve also fallen in love with the most natural, down-to-earth, honest, and gentle human being I’ve ever met; Yannick. He’s not only my life partner, but we’ve become business partners too. We make a wicked duo- with his drone video skills and my photography, we are sure to capture your incredible moments from a heartfelt perspective. When we’re not spending time at our tiny home, you’ll find us out photographing our life- which is usually camping. ;) We LOVE camping, and we adore combining this passion with our art, naturally drawn to capturing the beauty of Vancouver Island and the lifestyle that goes along with it. 

Just this past year, my family experienced the loss of an incredible man, and it altered the course of my life. When my Dad was sick with terminal esophageal cancer in 2021, I came to realize what was most important in this life. Connection. I quit my full-time job to spend as much time as I could with my father. At the same time, I pursued photography with an empowered energy and purpose. I feel incredibly aligned, as what I photograph is the lesson I learned through my Dad’s vulnerability- and that’s connection. I saw all of my Dad’s friends and family come to visit him and reminisce; they brought their photographs, they told their stories, and they laughed as they remembered. I miss my Dad terribly, and I harness the pain I feel from his loss before every photoshoot that I do. I set my intentions and fully realize how important my job is. I am here to photograph connection. Let me capture yours.