Hello! A Little Introduction

Hi, I’m Deanna, girl behind the lens and owner of Devee Photography. I have lived on beautiful Vancouver Island my entire life (okay, well since I was three!) and I am completely and passionately head over hiking boots in love with it. I’ve also fallen in love with the most natural, down-to-earth, honest, and gentle human; Yannick. When we’re not spending time at our home obsessing over our kids *cough… cats*, you’ll find us out photographing our life- which is usually camping. Testing out sour beer while watching the sunset, taking a leisurely drive, hiking mountains and challenging my fitness at Crossfit are things I love to do often. I am equally passionate about my work and my business. I can wake up, work all day long and feel bothered that I must stop and sleep. Photography does not feel like work to me, but rather a purpose.

I am an empathetic, peacekeeping personality at my core, and I see natural beauty in people. I see people living beautiful lives and doing beautiful things all the time. I am struck by the goodness and uniqueness of human nature, and I want more than anything to capture this in a photograph. I want to reflect your beautiful nature back to you through my work. I’ve lost both of my parents to different cancers in two years in 2021 & 2023. My parents won’t be at my wedding to give me their advice or hear me speak promises to my life partner. They won’t know me as a mother, and they won’t see me age older. Looking at photographs of my family brings me closer to them, momentarily, triggering a visceral memory. Photographs are reminders of our beautiful, precious, temporary lives and I am inherently driven to capture yours.