Wedding Photography Deposit | Parksville & Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer

The Wedding Photography Deposit

All professional photographers will require a deposit in order to secure and reserve your wedding date for wedding photography. This deposit varies, but is anywhere from 25-50% of the wedding package, or some photographers will ask for a base of X amount, usually around $500. This amount will be stated in the contract, and is paid prior to the engagement session. The remaining money owed is due two weeks prior to the wedding date in my contract. Every photographer is different though, so do check!

Why is my deposit non-refundable?

Photographers ask for a non-refundable deposit to secure and reserve your wedding date. Once they have received a deposit, all other inquiries that come in regarding that date will be told they are unavailable. If for whatever reason you cancel your photographer, they may have already denied other inquires and therefore have just lost that work. It has personally never happened to me yet! But I understand that the cost of a wedding does add up. One expense people have last-minute saved money with is by cancelling with their photographer. If that photographer didn’t have a deposit, they are most likely out of work that day.

If an emergency arises, can I not receive my deposit?

If worst comes to worst, and something legitimately terrible happens, talk to your photographer about your situation and they will decide how much of the deposit they can refund you, thinking about any costs such as engagement session or travel time that has already taken place.

What happens if I have to change the date of my wedding?

Talk to your photographer as soon as possible. They will try their very best to make it work for you!