~Welcome to the World~Baby Sophia~ | ~Parksville & Vancouver Island Candid Family Photographer~

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In Home Baby Photos, Goldstream Park and the Pumpkin Patch!

Welcome to the world little Sophia! At seven weeks old, Jackie and Kyle invited me into their home to photograph their little one. We spent some time here to capture baby’s first home, and then went to  Goldstream Park and a pumpkin patch as it was nearing Halloween and wanted to capture the seasonal colors. Goldstream Park is a favorite park of theirs, you can find them hanging out here often. Little Sophia did sooo well! She slept, was bright eyed and smiley and loved getting cuddles from Mom and Dad. The only part she didn’t love was when her mom put her in a pumpkin! How many of us can say we’ve been inside of a pumpkin before? I don’t think I will ever experience that!