We’re Planning a Parksville Wedding! ~Robin & Paul~ Rathtrevor Beach Engagement Photos

Parksville Wedding Photographer | Rathtrevor Beach Engagement Photos

Engagement Photos at Rathtrevor Beach Park, Parksville

Robin and Paul decided to have their engagement photos taken at Rathtrevor Beach Park in Parksville this past September. They are both serious ocean lovers and will be getting married under the outdoor gazebo at Tigh-na-Mara Resort in August- also overlooking the ocean. Paul grew up in Ucluelet and Robin was raised in the Victoria area- beaches are an integral part of their life. We simply had to include the beach for their session! I thought it was also important to include their two daughters, so we spent an afternoon playing in the sand and throwing leaves at each other! When it started to rain, the girls sheltered underneath their pineapple beach towel while Robin kicked her shoes off and danced around the beach with her man. Loved it!

My favorite prompt-inspired laugh was when I had everyone sitting on the beach log and asked them to look at their favorite person. The three girls took turns looking at each other and giggling while Paul looked off in the distance at this random guy walking towards us. We all started laughing hard! We asked him, who is that? Why is he your favorite? Paul ever so suave and goofy replied, “He’s a really great guy. Seriously, I’d do anything for him.” Looking forward to their 2020 Parksville beach wedding!

Parksville Wedding Photographer | Rathtrevor Beach Engagement Photos