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What is a “First Look”?

What is a “First Look”? Fast becoming a common occurrence on wedding days, this “First Look” with your partner before the ceremony is a popular method to release some anxiety before the ceremony and is also a good opportunity for some cute photos.

The first look is a private moment between you and your partner before the ceremony takes place, where you can talk and release any tension that can be building due to the hype of walking down the isle for that pivotal moment. Some couples choose not do this, as they want that buildup and intensity for when she walks down the isle towards him, seeing her for the first time there. Totally optional, totally up to you. From the photographers point of view, first looks make for a cute opportunity to take some creative pictures and is a very genuine, sweet moment to capture between the two of you while you talk and touch and get ready for the big moment. I have also seen couples exchange private vows at their first look instead of in front of their guest list in a more intimate setting.

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First Look with Grandpa

First Looks with others.

But wait! There are more first looks with others! I love capturing the father of the bride when he first sees his daughter all dressed up, ready for him to walk her down the isle. Even if Dad has been helping her get ready beforehand, the sight of her in her wedding gown is intense and will definitely spark some emotion. Another first look is with the bridesmaids. Here, the bride usually has her mother or maid-of-honor help her into her dress as the bridesmaids are turned around. “1, 2, 3 look at her,” the girls turn around and I capture that reaction too. These last two are captured candidly and don’t require much planning. The only thing I ask as the photographer is to have Dad arrive to meet her before I take off towards the ceremony location.

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