What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

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What to Wear to Your Photoshoot

Do you have an upcoming photoshoot and want to look your best, wondering what to wear? You are reading the right article! First off, dress for the weather and have appropriate footwear. Patterns, plaid, textured sweaters, jean jackets, scarves, pops of color, and similar color tones- all look GREAT in camera! Neutral colors are wonderful. Long skirts and dresses catch in the wind magically, and stylish hats look cute. I will ask guys to remove ball caps so that I can see their eyes clearly. Men tend to have deeper set eye sockets, giving them darker shadows. You want to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. Make sure it feels like YOU, so your confidence can shine through in the images.

Wearing Color at your Photoshoot

Neutral colors look great in photographs. They are beautiful to look at, but don’t demand attention like brilliant red or pink does. Having said that, if you want a strong and powerful look for your session, bold colors work! Photoshoots for maternity or empowerment suit a bold and strong color such as deep red. Similar color tones tie a family together in well. If everyone goes with neutrals, you don’t have to concern over color matching too much. Some kids love color, like really PINK! This will show up bright and strong in the images. If strong suits the personality and mood of your photoshoot, then go for it :)

Textured Clothing in Photos

Texture looks AMAZING in photos. It captures natural light well, giving clothing depth and visual appeal with highlights and shadows happening everywhere. Look closely at a texture sample photo and you will see it. Black and white conversions also looks amazing when textured. Texture can be knitted sweaters, jean jackets or pants, corduroy, lace, tulle, sequins! If you have the colors plus texture, you could create a really beautiful wardrobe for your photoshoot.

>Textured clothing of knitted sweater and jean look amazing in both color and black and white.

What Patterns Look Good in Photos?

Patterns can add another dynamic to the visuals in a photoshoot wardrobe, without drawing too much attention. Plaid, poke-dots, little flamingos, florals, etc. all look good in a photo. Consistent patterned shirts with tiny flamingos on it is less demanding than a shirt with one large flamingo on it. Ultimately, you want the focus of the photos to be smiling faces rather than the statement piece on a shirt.

Accessory Items to Wear to Your Photoshoot

Bling, scarves, hats, glasses, gloves, shoes, are all accessories that can be worn during your photoshoot. If you’re shooting with me, you’re likely going to need decent walking shoes to walk safely over rocky beaches or fallen trees in the forest. I don’t capture your shoes up close, so don’t worry too much about them. Avoid brilliant colored shoes and you’ll be fine. Jewelry can accentuate a subject with either necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or a fine watch. Get creative! Scarves are an easy item that can change the whole look of the photoshoot. Feel free to bring a colorful or neutral scarf to your photoshoot. If you bring a hat to your shoot, I will capture photos of you with and without it.

Can I Wear Glasses During my Shoot?

I am often asked by clients if they should remove their glasses during photoshoots. I think they portray personality well, and that the glasses are a part of a persons identity. If there is harsh highlight in the glasses, I will move to a different setting.

After reading all of this, you should feel more confident in what to wear to your photoshoot. In summary, always wear something that you feel great in, with safe footwear and weather-appropriate clothing. Neutral color tones with texture and pattern look amazing, and accessory items can really highlight each individual.